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Our free 20 minute consultation offer helps patients like you find clarity, identify the best step forward, and get that breakthrough. We are focused on practical solutions. We will help you get back on track to your health goals or simply get a great check-up
But when you're ill, you want to be relaxed and comfortable, and more important than that, you want to see someone who will listen to you, really listen to you. Our genuine connection is based on great communication. We believe that listening to you properly leads us to provide the very best treatment for your needs; we'll be all ears as this could be a most important decision. We don't just fix symptoms, we fix people. You will have a clear breakthrough action plan on what needs to be done to get you going in the right direction."My focus is to accurately inform you of your internal health status, and identify with you what first has to be removed from the diet and lifestyle to regain health. We remove any infections and then on to repair damaged organs and restore optimal function with natural remedies. Together we find and develop your path to optimal health and wellbeing. We always offer free after consultation advice by way of phone or email free of charge. We won't forget you.

Peter Damestoy is Government Registered Medical Practitioner Naturopath Physician, Acupuncturist, Homeopath and Herbalist, Nutritionist and Dietition on 0428-890333 for our 3 locations. All testing results are instantly received in English, report form, and easy to understand. Times and dates book out quickly so get in early to get your preferred appointment.
Hicaps and Private Health Fund Rebates Apply.

You do owe it to yourself and your family to live the happiest,healthiest life possible looking forward to the best possible outcomes in all your endeavours. " AMAZING SCAN AND DIAGNOSTIC" TECHNOLOGY REVEALS INSTANT CONCLUSIVE RESULTS, IS PAINLESS, TAKES MINUTES, AND YOUR CLOTHES ALWAYS STAY ON AT TESTING .

Check out the testimonials below to sample the incredible results Peter's patients have achieved. This is a consultation which takes one hour of your time to pinpoint your stress, reduce your pain, and inspire the best in you. This unique and meticulous diagnostic testing is for ages 5- 85 and exclusive to Peter Damestoy Natural Therapies in South East Queensland.

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Diagnostic Test Equipment is Wegamed Check Medical Diagnostics WHICH LISTS PRIORITES IN THE BODY OF YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE. ANSWERS WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF YOUR MAIN HEALTH ISSUES. GIVES RECOMMENDATIONS AND DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO GET BETTER. WILL ANSWER IF YOU HAVE COMPLICATED ISSUES OR NOT SO DIFFICULT ISSUES ? TELLS WHAT ACTIONS ARE NEEDED TO GET BETTER. ALL IN A FOUR PAGE REPORT. Amazingly Accurate Esteck 3 D Scan Pinpoints All Body Systems. With its amazing spectrum of 3D colour it actually shows you what is happening inside your body and reveals the true normal state of health or abnormal function of all your major organs including a full cardiac risk assessment including, advanced heart imagery, coronary artery calcium and cholesterol stiffness assessment, blood clot risk and lipid measurements , digestion, brain screening imagery , stress levels, hormonal and mineral balance, oxygen levels and much much more.
Testing starts at $80 for the initial diagnostic consultation which is the lowest possible price.

You are looking for a better, more professional clinical naturopath, acupuncturist or need allergy testing. Get started today if you are struggling to get the facts with your weight, digestive issues, health and or pain issues. Our medically proven system of natural health care technology with total assessments are completely .straightforward and come with a report of results. Our focus is to give you the best analysis and care possible. Explaining exactly what is going wrong as we proceed and at the conclusion of each consultation we discuss together a quick-start health strategy to turbo-charge the best in you. In all 4 locations we offer everyone a free introductory demonstration appointment where. We will genuinely listen to you and show you our amazing testing methods. Check the links above for your choice of service and locations to make full consultation appointments so that you can have that positive outcome and step by step improve your health.

Natural Medicine to Boost Immunity

In natural medicine, most illnesses can effectively be treated with herbal medicine, homeopathy and good quality nutritional supplements, without compromising our body’s immunity and causing antibiotic resistance.

Natural medicine is often associated with treating chronic conditions, but if used correctly it can also offer powerful and effective treatments for acute illnesses.As well as individual diagnosis of your child’s presenting symptoms, we also consider their history, including root causes to support your child’s system to overcome the acute illness and prevent it re-occurring. Some of these root causes may include food intolerances for example, which can lead to weakened immunity.

Did you know that overdose and medication mistakes from pharmaceutical drugs are taking 80,000 Australian lives every year. Paracetamol overdose not only damages the liver, but is the number 1 cause of children's hospital admissions in Australia. Our remedies consist of natural supplements, homeopathic drops, herbs, vitamins, dietary or acupuncture which naturally heal dis-ease, not band-aid solutions.. With our testing methods, we provide natural real answers and solutions for early detection and treatment of health issues that don't show up on standard medical testing such as pathology. testing, cat scans, ultra-sound X-rays. Our reports have detailed accuracy and are completely clear. This is real evidence based diagnosis and treatment. When answers are not clear,those pharmaceutical medications and medical complications can get out of control and in the long run you will feel worse .You can take action. Call us today (0428-890333) so that we can help you start on your journey of health and well-being. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve the results you've been wanting.

Peter Damestoy is a well known and respected Naturopath, Allergy Tester, Acupuncturist, Iridologist, Nutritionist, Dietitian,+ Homeopath who has been in practice for 33 years and helped over 30,000 patients. Most recently as the Senior Practitioner at the Integrated Medicine Institute of Hong Kong, the most prestigious natural therapy centre in the Southern Hemisphere.You can be sure you're in good hands. Peter attended UCLA and University of Oregon . Before a career in Natural Therapies, Peter was a Bank Manager for 5 years. He is happily married with 2 children.

Could you be spinning your wheels looking for answers?

It can be intensely frustrating when standard medical testing with orthodox medical practitioners and naturopaths cannot really help your tiredness, stubborn pain or difficult illness because the problems remain hidden that may be related to how the body is functioning.. Their guessing creates uncertainty because they don't have the facts, so solutions are very unlikely.

The 3-D Scan Technology is the 'Ultimate Prevention" of serious health issues. We have assembled early detection comprehensive checkout that detects great outcomes and large problems, , heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure We incorporate the undisputed gold standard scanning system that is accurate, painless, speedy (takes minutes), and non-invasive- (all clothes stay on). The scans are in 3 D and medically approved for use in Australia. In the USA, NASA uses this scanning to test astronauts in their Space Program. This innovative technology took 20 years to develop and perfect by Europe and America's brightest scientists, physicians, and physicists.

Wegamed Automated Diagnostics will issue a toxicology report that uncovers Allergy Situations, Nutritional Assessment, Dietary Suggestions, Acute Ailments, Organ Disorders, Enviromental and Electronic Polution, Stress Situations that cause Physical Problems, Inflamations, Infections, Electronic Computer Stress, Detoxification Situations, Candida, Fungal, Parasites, Metal Toxicity, Acidity PH and much much more.The cost of this proper and effective diagnostic testing with consultation is $80.
The Full Body Health Scan is complete analysis that covers every body system.and is an upgrade to $195 for the initial consultation.
Follow-up testing with appointments is $80. Acupuncture is free with these consultations as an optional choice.. You will get better results, greater than you ever expected.

Allergy Testing by Hair Analysis at all locations.

All consultations attract Private Health Fund Rebates.
Summary of Resuts and Nutritional Report Given.

Free 20 Minute Consultaion to ask questions and view our Testing Methods.

Free Acupuncture support with all follow-up Naturopathy Appointments.

Free Naturopathy support with all follow-up Acupuncture Appointments.



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IMPORTANT - When booking a consultation on the Gold Coast ask for Peter Damestoy specifically.

Call me personally on 0428 890333 for a Full Body Health Scan.

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Cassie Wrench 24/10/2015

"Having been unwell for a long time and finding no answers about my health through the traditional system, I saw Peter Damestoy.He was very through with the testing and the follow-up interview. He was able to explain my illness and treatment.Peter was committed to getting me well again.He gave me a great deal of support and encouragement and has been happy to answer any follow-up questions I had. He encouraged me to phone when I had concerns, and offered much assistance in my recovery. I have been very grateful for his kindness and regard for my overall well being. He has continued to support me with great advice at all times."

Charlotte C

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  • B.S Acupuncture
  • M.S. Chinese Herbalism
  • B.S. Naturopathy
  • B.S. Diet and Nutrition
  • B.S. Iridology
  • Personalised Health Coaching
  • Allergy Testing (Hair Analysis) 650 Items
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry.
  • Governmeant Registered Health Practitioner APHRA
  • ATMS- Association Membership
  • Food Allergy Testing

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