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Do You Struggle at Meal Time ? Come To View Food Differently and Get Some Money Saving Tips.

Our Allergy List of over 600 items includes Aldi, Woolworths, and Coles brand names that make the listings extremely easy to follow.

Hair Analysis is an extremely accurate form of Allergy Testing and much more accurate than primitive and painful medical allergy testing. Appointments are available at all Peter Natural Therapy's conveniently located clinics in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast. Your warning signs may be Itchy Rash, Acid Reflux, Bloating, Lots of Wind and Gas, and Heartburn We check for Sensitivities, Allergies, Intolerances and Malabsorption. By discovering the foods that need to be avoided and which foods are good for you, we can improve your health and well-being and desensitise your allergic tendencies.. With each patient we have automated $ 80 Testing Consultation which will tell you if your problem really is allergy before you go out and spend big bucks on an exhaustive and expensive Allergy Report. This automated 5 minute diagnostic test will pinpoint the cause of your discomfort or allergy that leads you to believe you have allergy so we can go ahead and treat the real health issue. ie. ( toxic liver or bowel, acidity, infection).

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Could Allergy be Causing your Child's Health Problems? Test / Don’t Guess
by Peter Damestoy-
Springwood and Helensvale Practitioner Naturopath, Homeopath, Herbalist, Diet and Nutrition, Allergy Testing by Hair Analysis for over 600 foods and non food substances
I believe that around 40% of the Brisbane population should be classified as allergic. In 2001, 4,448 children aged between 6 and 7 years and found that 37.4% of them had suffered from allergic rhinitis in the 12 months prior to the interview. A 1995 survey found that 35.1% of the children had symptoms.

This allergy is most often attributed to the increase in air pollution or a family history of wheezing and respiratory tract infections. While I agree that many allergic rhinitis cases relate to pollution, most allergies are caused by a sensitivity to house dust mites or foods, with dairy being the most common offender.
Allergies can cause just about any symptom in adults, but in children the list of common complaints is shorter.
In infants, allergies are normally the cause of a colicky baby who is restless, cries frequently, sleeps poorly, and has digestive troubles like reflux, diarrhoea, and gas or colic.
In older children, the common physical signs are dark rings and lines under the eyes, a frequently running nose, breathing through the mouth, and recurring coughs and colds and/or recurring earaches. Eczema, dermatitis, and other itching skin complaints form the other most common group of symptoms for allergic children.
Symptoms can vary over time. For example, if your child had colic as an infant, recurring tonsillitis and earaches as a toddler, frequent coughs or asthma bouts as a child, and digestive problems or migraines as a teenager, the cause for all these symptoms could well be an allergy to a food or other substance.
A few of the more unusual complaints that can be caused by childhood allergies are bed-wetting, recurring nausea and vomiting, nose bleeds, and croup.
Sometimes symptoms only affect the mind. Allergies can commonly cause hyperactivity and mood swings, difficulties concentrating in school, ADD and/or ADHD, insomnia, or restless sleep.
Case History Examples
A child's bed-wetting was resolved after avoiding orange juice, a common irritant causing this complaint. Another common trigger food for bed-wetting is tomato products.
In another case, I treated a four year-old boy with a three-year history of recurring upper respiratory tract complaints. His mother reported that his nose was always dribbling clear mucous, he had colds monthly, and had several bouts of otitis (earaches) in the first two years. Now his head colds mostly moved into his chest. Antibiotics provided only minor relief as the condition recurred quickly afterwards.
I was alert to the possibility of a dairy allergy causing all these problems, which was confirmed. The results of a dairy-free diet were striking. Within 10 days, his nose cleared completely, the first time since he was a baby. As an added bonus, his sleep and digestion suddenly improved too. After three months he had not had another chesty cough, only a simple viral head cold from which he recovered in a few days.
The parents of these two children had no idea that an allergy could have such a powerful and pronounced impact on a child's health. Like many parents, they thought food allergies would cause rashes or asthma and did not link their child's symptoms with food allergies.
Types of Allergic Reactions
The Classic (IgE) Allergic Reaction. This is an immediate reaction, usually of the nose (with sneezing) or skin (redness). Only 5% of all food reactions fall into this category. This is the type of allergy that can be diagnosed with a skin prick test or a blood test for IgE antibodies. Most people can work out these allergies for themselves as the reaction to the substance occurs very soon after contact with the offending substance; for example, sneezing after contact with hay pollen or house dust.
Peanuts, strawberries, citrus, eggs, and shellfish are common food examples. Common symptoms include hives, asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, eczema, anaphylactic shock, and fatigue. This type of classic allergic reaction is usually treated with antihistamines, which treat the symptoms but not the cause. I prefer homeopathic treatments as these can often cure the problem through desensitisation.
Hidden (IgG) Allergic Reaction, or delayed food intolerance reactions. This type of allergy involves another immunoglobulin, usually IgG and sometimes IgA or IgM. IgG make up 75% of all antibodies and are produced by the B-lymphocytes. They cause hidden allergies, sometimes called food intolerances, with masked or delayed reactions. It can take hours or even days after eating the food before you notice a reaction, which makes it much harder to find the offending food.
Over-exposure to any substance, even to those that don't give us an initial bad reaction, can give rise to an eventual addiction to that substance. This is felt as a withdrawal reaction a day or two after the food is removed, such that the person seeks the food to relieve the withdrawal symptom. In short, the food is craved. Offending foods causing the delayed food intolerance are usually caused by foods we eat every day such as wheat, milk, sugar, and yeast.
Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Allergy Sensitivity
There is a strong genetic component to allergic sensitivities, as half of the children born to allergic parents are also allergic. Children who are not breast-fed also have a higher risk of allergy, as do premature babies.
Another common cause of food intolerance and allergy reactions is antibiotic treatment. In one study, asthma and hay fever symptoms were increased significantly in the group where antibiotics were given to children under one year. More than four courses increased the chance of asthma 402% in a follow-up of children 5 to 10 years old. One or two courses increased the chance of asthma/hay fever by 227% over the children who had not been given antibiotic doses.
Antibiotics remove the friendly bacterial flora from the intestines, which in itself may cause allergies. To add insult to injury a yeast infection called Candida (or thrush) may establish itself in the intestine of persons with a lack of good intestinal flora, and the yeast further increases the development of allergies (e.g., to yeasts and sugars). Although some consider Candida a fad diagnosis, it is quite easy to conduct a stool test and identify abnormal levels of Candida. Sufferers usually have a lot of gas, bloating, and mood swings. In the case of children, it is often the cause of eczema and poor immunity.
Studies have shown that allergy rates can be reduced in children. One way is for the breast-feeding mother or infants under one year to take supplemental Lactobacillus (a helpful bacteria for the bowel). This supplement has reduced allergy rates by 50 per cent in one study.
Another allergy prevention method is to delay the introduction of allergy provoking-foods to infants. Egg, oranges, peanuts, and, some would say, wheat are better introduced after the first year, as by this age the child's digestion is more developed.
In a similar way, reducing house dust exposure in the child's bedroom with careful cleaning, washing fluffy toys, and using an air filter reduces dust allergy development.
We see plenty of adults with these insidious allergy conditions as well as children. The pace of life in Australia and environmental factors can play havoc with allergies. People who never believed that they are allergic can suddenly find themselves feeling a general sense of malaise they can't quite seem to shake.
The first step in treating of an allergy is to identify the triggering foods. Our Allergy testing is a simple and painless procedure. After identifying the triggers, they can be easily removed. Although it can be a stressful process at first, the rewards are lasting and often profound. For some parents they feel like they have a new child when the allergies are removed, and for many adults, they feel like they have a new lease on life as well as improved immunity.

There are specialised tests for Babies, Indian Foods, and citizens of UK-Ireland, Malaysian, Singapore, New Zealand, and as always Australia
The Bio-Compatibility System of Allergy Testing by Hair Analysis is safe, rapid, painless and non-invasive, with tremendous accuracy. We will test you for allergies to more than 600 well known brand named food and household irritants. Want to see a Sample Test ? Want to ask a Question ? Just email us on the "make an enquiry" form below..

With more than 33 years experience in both Australia and Asia, Dr. Peter is a leader in his field, investigating the links between physical, emotional and mental symptoms with the everyday foods and substances that we eat and breathe on a regular basis.

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An “Invisible Allergy” that caused so much pain caused
my patient to almost give up !

By Article of Peter Damestoy Naturopath, Allergy Tester, Acupuncturist

Loretta Sims was excited about being a mother for the first time.
Five months ago she and husband Wayne welcomed a healthy baby boy into their family. When Kingston was 4 weeks old, Loretta stopped breastfeeding and shortly after her little boy changed.

“He was screaming like he was in pain all day until he went to sleep at night, she said. “It was a big change because he was so perfect”

For months Kingston slept through the night, but cried constantly throughout the day and nothing Loretta could do could calm him.

Loretta and Wayne took Kingston to the doctors who put the constant crying down to colic or reflux.

“Being a first time mum you just never imagine the things that could go wrong and “How bad it could be” she said.” “No one tells you that”

I was getting depressed and you get to a point where you don’t enjoy being a mom. “It was so taxing”

Living in Mackay away from her mother Alice who lives in Emerald, Loretta and Wayne felt very alone and overwhelmed. Loretta said they were desperate

When her sister suggested she send Kingston’s hair away for Hair Allergy Testing. “ My sister told me one of her friends did it for her child because he was crying all the time.” she said.

When I went for a consultation with Peter I was sceptical because I gave the hair sample and waited a week for the results. The results showed Kingston was allergic to his formula as well as dishwashing liquid which Loretta used to clean his bottles.

“I thought it makes sense” she said of reading the results.

Loretta swapped his formula and washing liquid and two days later Kingston was a changed baby. “He was back to himself, back to how it should be. Before he was in so much pain. If I hadn’t have done that test, I’d hate to think where we’d be.” A lot of people have asked me about it and they think babies are meant to cry. It may not work for everyone but it worked for me.

Dr. Peter is part of the Be Allergy Free network of naturopathic practitioners and has been in practice for over 25 years. Many times when I was in my practice, I would diagnose and prescribe for my patients, he explained. but when they stopped taking their supplements and medications the symptoms came back. Now Peter has incorporated a wellness program which identifies and removes the allergy.
"The entire body was scanned and checked for abnormalities by Peter. It was amazing to watch. From this experience, I was able to learn more about the issues that were affecting my health. Despite eating all the right foods and starving myself at meal times I could not lose weight, Peter scans pinpointed that I was not absorbing nutrients from my food vitamins and supplements. That the bloating, wind and the reflux issues were due to food intolerances that were sitting in my guts and there was actually a physical reason for my depression. Thank you Dr. Peter for getting me started on learning what foods are my friends so I can lead a normal life."

Mary Dobbrick Coomera, Queensland

"I was at my wits end “ when she decided to give the Peter’s Allergy Testing analysis test and wellness system a go. Her son William was 4 weeks old when she stopped breast feeding him and shortly after his behaviour changed dramatically. Although he slept through the nights, he cried inconsolably all day. “I was getting depressed and you get to the point where you don’t enjoy being a mum. It was so taxing.” I was sceptical about the hair analysis at first, but the results made sense and following the program has made all the difference in William and our family’s lives. The results showed Kingston was reacting badly to his formula and a dishwashing liquid Anita was using to wash his bottles. By avoiding these William was restored to his former happy self. “We are so grateful to the Allergy Testing service and would recommend this program to anyone looking for a safe, painless and harmless solution."

Anita Baker

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